Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beware, news from XBMC

Post by XBMC.

There is a growing (and worrying) misconception caused by some websites and people who sell HTPC devices with XBMC pre-installed. These often contain add-ons from we which we would like to clearly distance ourselves, and for which we will not offer support of any kind. We will not call these add-ons by name.
However if it all seems to be good to be true like watching content (movies and tvshows) for free, you should start asking yourself if this can still be considered legal. In some countries it can be considered clearly illegal.
It a regretful development that in our eyes, the most awesome media centre there is, is clouded by such a development. These few people are giving and spreading a misconception of what XBMC is and stands for, and are giving it a bad name. We would like to remind everyone that XBMC should be seen as a media centre platform for which you must provide your own media obtained through a legally obtained manor, PVR or by using add-ons which do not clearly violate copyright laws. Hopefully we can break this tide and restore and improve our good name that we worked so hard for. As always the only and official news and XBMC versions can be found at fromhttp://xbmc.org/about/ Please help us and spread the word of the true purpose of XBMC. Thank you.

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