Friday, 21 February 2014

Compilation of all 5 parts HD Video Guide To Install XBMCLive Eden 11.0 into Acer Revo R3610 as standalone Media Centre

Here list of all 5 parts HD Video detailing about Installation XBMCLive Version 11.0 Eden into Acer Inspire REVO R3610 and setup as standalone Media Centre

Why Acer Revo ?
 - Back in 2009, when this type of small low power running PC with Intel Atom/ Ion Nvidia Platform or just wellknown as 'Nettop' kind of boom in the market. Got this Acer REVO hook up into my TV just to watch downloaded movies or viewing youtube. And it cost about $200 with Linux OS. With this slim factor Intel Atom processor, this machine a way behind to become full multitasking PC. So I decide to put end of it permanently behind my TV.

Why XBMCLive ?
 - Without need to load into full running OS before loading XBMC, this slim version embeded Linux with XBMC is the fastest way to watch any Movies/TV Channel. Yes it fast boot, just only 10~20 seconds depends on how big is your data in USB.

Why Eden 11.0?
 - So far, this stable version and don't have any problem during installation or during running Media Centre. Unlike Dharma 10.0 or even Frodo 12.0, both vesion I've tried but there always something wrong with it. Just my opinion at the moment XBMC Eden 11.0 is the best candidate for Acer Revo hardware environment.
   "Just fyi, right now (Feb 2014), I'm waiting to try Frodo 12.3 XBMCLive / XBMCbuntu. They have 12.2 and don't like it coz cannot find suitable graphics drivers when you connect Acer REVO to your HDTV via VGA, it max resolution stuck at 640x480"

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

 Part 4 :

 Part 5 :

Here are the require software :

1. HP Format Utility Tools :

2. Unetbootin :

3. WinSCP :

4. XBMCFreak 11.0 Eden ISO File :

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