Saturday, 15 February 2014

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden 11.0) with Video (Part 1 of 5)

XBMC Media Centre as today (April 2012) has release Stable version 11.0 (Eden). What's new or update can be view at XBMC Website :

Here I want to share, step by step how I install new XBMC 11.0 (Eden) Live version into my ACER Revo with video guide elsewhere.

After reading a lots of blogs, webcast, forums since Dec 2011 about Eden. I thought it could be disaster if I install it into my stable XBMCLive now, and I will not get XBMC Standalone like I had right now. It means I need to run XBMC via Ubuntu (boot into Ubuntu first and then run XBMC automatic from there).

Last week I found XBMCFreak Live Version 1 has been release (release 4 Apr 2012) here : . Then here I tried to upgrade my XBMC.

Step by Step Guide (I cannot thank enough forumers and bloggers that discuss about how to install XBMC into their HTPC Ion including this Acer Revo over the internet, because what you will see here is combination of those technique and tricks to success install at first try...) - yes I did it 1st install.

** I install using SDCard 4GB (as Acer Revo had HDSC Card Reader and 4GB is min requirement)

Section 1.) Preparation of Bootable SDCard

* I did this step using my Laptop (as my laptop much faster than htpc)

Here is Video Guide (details and download required software below)

1. Insert SDCard or USB Drive into your computer (USB or Card Reader) and do nothing.

2. Download these 3 files : (HP Format Utility - 2MB), (Unetbootin - 4.5MB)& (WinSCP - 3MB) from here (in my dropbox folder) :

       * Sign Up dropbox here : (Free 2GB + 500MB cloud storage).

and also the most importantly XBMCFreak Live 11.0 : (600MB)

3. Install required software
- Install WinSCP
- Install HP Format Utility Software
- Download Unetbootin (no need to install)

4. Format SDCard / USB Drive into FAT32
- Open HP Format Utility
- Select your card/drive and FAT32
- Start Formating (Do not use 'Quick Format')

5. Input ISO Image into SDCard/USB Drive and make it Bootable
- Open Unetbootin (just double click downloaded Unetbootin-win-549.exe)
- Click/Select 'DiskImage' and then select/locate XBMC ISO image that you downloaded before
- Makesure type is 'USB Drive' (both SDCard or USB Drive used this setting) and click OK.
- Finish, Exit and reject your SDCard/USB Drive

Part 2 : 
Entry :
Video Part 2 :

Part 3 :


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