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Compilation of all 5 parts HD Video Guide To Install XBMCLive Eden 11.0 into Acer Revo R3610 as standalone Media Centre

Here list of all 5 parts HD Video detailing about Installation XBMCLive Version 11.0 Eden into Acer Inspire REVO R3610 and setup as standalone Media Centre

Why Acer Revo ?
 - Back in 2009, when this type of small low power running PC with Intel Atom/ Ion Nvidia Platform or just wellknown as 'Nettop' kind of boom in the market. Got this Acer REVO hook up into my TV just to watch downloaded movies or viewing youtube. And it cost about $200 with Linux OS. With this slim factor Intel Atom processor, this machine a way behind to become full multitasking PC. So I decide to put end of it permanently behind my TV.

Why XBMCLive ?
 - Without need to load into full running OS before loading XBMC, this slim version embeded Linux with XBMC is the fastest way to watch any Movies/TV Channel. Yes it fast boot, just only 10~20 seconds depends on how big is your data in USB.

Why Eden 11.0?
 - So far, this stable version and don't have any problem during installation or during running Media Centre. Unlike Dharma 10.0 or even Frodo 12.0, both vesion I've tried but there always something wrong with it. Just my opinion at the moment XBMC Eden 11.0 is the best candidate for Acer Revo hardware environment.
   "Just fyi, right now (Feb 2014), I'm waiting to try Frodo 12.3 XBMCLive / XBMCbuntu. They have 12.2 and don't like it coz cannot find suitable graphics drivers when you connect Acer REVO to your HDTV via VGA, it max resolution stuck at 640x480"

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

 Part 4 :

 Part 5 :

Here are the require software :

1. HP Format Utility Tools :

2. Unetbootin :

3. WinSCP :

4. XBMCFreak 11.0 Eden ISO File :

Thursday, 20 February 2014

ACER REVO R3610 (Dual-core ATOM N330 with 3GB RAM and 250GB HDD)

My home entertainment setup only simple HTPC hooked up with 32" LCD TV, as :

1. ACER REVO R3610 (Dual-core ATOM N330 with 3GB RAM and 250GB HDD)

DSC_0298  DSC04777  DSC04783  DSC05258

2. 32" Hitachi LCD TV (720p HD)


3. SONY DAV-DZ260 (5.1 DVD Home Theater System)

DSC_3483  DSC_3399  DSC_3487

4. 1TB External HDD (Seagate SATA 7200RPM)


5. DLink DIR-825 Quad-Band Gigabit Router

DSC_0189  DSC03072  DSC03100  DSC_5517

Picture 1 : Complete Set Up

Picture 2 : Closed up Acer Revo, Dlink Router, External HDD and Sony HT System

Picture 3 : XBMCLive Home Screen


In 2010, I installed XBMCLive 10.1 Dharma (Standalone) into my Acer Revo running as dual boot with Windows 7 Ultimate. That version of XBMCLive ( running perfectly with about 100+ songs, 100+ movies and tv shows in my external HDD, and over 50+ internet streaming channels.

My Acer Revo setting, I spare 25GB for XBMCLive. Installed it from SDCard 4GB, it dual boot with Windows7. Then when it start, it automatic boot into XBMC with 10seconds. I can start watching movie after about 20sec cool boot.

Video : Start Up and view of XBMCFreak Live 11.0 Eden (Ubuntu with Linux 3.0.0-17)

For Installation Guide Step by Step with Video Guide, please view this entry :

Part 1 :
or Video Guide :

Part 2 :
or Video Guide :

Part 3 :
or Video Guide :

 Part 4 :
or Video Guide :

Part 5 :
or Video Guide :

XBMCLive Eden 11.0 on Acer Revo R3610 Fast Boot Up (Start Up & Shutdown) [HD Video]

XBMCLive Eden 11.0 on Acer Revo R3610 (Fast Boot - Standalone XBMC)....

My Media Centre Hook up to 32" LCD Hitachi TV

Start Up Time : 19.2 seconds... 
Shutdown Time : 10.4 seconds...

System :

ACER Aspire REVO R3610
Processor : Intel Atom N330 (Dual Core) 1.6GHz
RAM : 3GB (PC5300)
Graphic : nVidia ION
HDD : 250GB 5400RPM (25GB Partition XBMC / 200GB Windows7)
Network : Gigabit Ethernet (D-Link Quadband DIR-825 Router)
Video Out : HDMI (32" LCD Hitachi TV)
Audio Out : Digital Optical (Sony Home Theater DAV-DZ260)

Video :

Set Up Share Folder in XBMCLive 11.0 as NAS (can access from any others computer) [HD Video]

Another great feature in XBMCLive.

My Setup :
- Acer Revo R3610 (dual boot with Windows 7) - HDD 250GB (partiton 25GB for XBMCLive)
- 1TB External Hard Drive (USB)

others computer in my network :
- Sony Vaio SZ4 (Windows 7)
- iMac (OSX 10.5 Leopard + Parallel uBuntu 11 & Windows XP Pro)
- HP Pavillion D430 (Windows XP Pro)

Target :
 I want to access my 1TB External HDD any time from any computer in my network.

So basically I want to make my Acer Revo to be as Network Access Storage (NAS) elsewhere media centre that hook up with 32" LCD TV without need to boot into Windows 7 or other OS.

1. Take note location of the folder you want to share. My external HDD connect into Acer Revo via USB, and I want share that HDD. So check into 'File Manager', my External HDD locate at '/media/Seagate'



2. On XMBC Home Screen : Ctrl+Alt+F1 (enter login & password)

3. Install Samba (as XBMCLive 11.0, Samba already build in)

Picture 1

3. Edit smb.conf (/etc/samba/smb.conf), I use 'sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf'

smb.conf :

Picture 2

I didn't touch anything under '[global]' except workgroup = 'my network group' (default : WORKGROUP).

Picture 3

Last line add this :

path = /media/Seagate
comment = Seagate 1TB
public = yes
inherit permission = yes
only guest = yes
guest ok = yes
read only = no

Picture 4

then Ctrl-X > Y

4. To make sure you can access/modify/edit your share folder, set that folder permission to '777'

 'sudo chmod 777 /media/Seagate'

Picture 5

Important :
check spelling...

Picture 6

5. Then reboot...

Here I manage to access my share folder 'Seagate' from :

- iMac



- Sony Vaio



Install XBMC into ACER ASPIRE REVO? 3 require Software in here

Install XBMC Live (Dharma / Eden) into ACER ASPIRE REVO (or Ion NVIDIA Nettop) ?

Here are the require software :

1. HP Format Utility Tools :

2. Unetbootin :

3. WinSCP :

4. XBMCFreak 11.0 Eden ISO File :


you can download all those 3 utilities software in 1 folder like :




please email to me : for invitation to join share folder. and if you donot have dropbox please sign up here : or

More about dropbox :

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden 11.0) with Video (Part 5 of 5)

Part 1 here :

Part 2 here :

Part 3 here :

Part 5 : The Finale

Section 5 : Look into change skin and how to add movies library from external HDD

Here is the Video Step by Step :

Summary :

New added features in setting and smooth movies browsing.

Cons :
Boot time take about 45sec compare 25sec in Dharma.
Shutdown time double to 15sec compare than 7sec in Dharma.

Bottom Line...
This latest version XBMCFreak Eden most likely prev version XBMC Live Dharma, just a little bit tweak and interface visual improved.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden 11.0) with Video (Part 4 of 5)

Part 1 here :

Part 2 here :

Continue from Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Part 4 : First Boot and initial sound and video settings

Here is the Video Step by Step :

Here is how XBMCbuntu Freak Live 11.0 Eden homescreen look like


and pictures below shown it working initial video settings :

* here video setting, which mine I changed the resolution to 1280x720 and done video calibration tweak a little bit

* this audio setting, initially it worked via HDMI to TV stereo speaker perfectly. As I hook Acer Revo up with 5.1 Home Theater System via Digital Optical Audio, so I changed the setting here...

* here shown Audio setting that output to Digital Optical only

Part 5 : (Final Section)
Video Part 5 :

Monday, 17 February 2014

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden 11.0) with Video (Part 3 of 5)

Part 1 here :

Continue from Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Section 3 : Now Guide Step by Step to Install XBMCFreak Live version Eden 11.0 into Acer Revo R3610

Here is the Video Step by Step :

1. Insert Bootable SDCard / USB Drive (from Section 1 : Part 1)

2. Fire Up Acer Revo and after Logo Acer appear push 'Del' (delete button) to set up

3. Change boot 'Advanced BIOS Features' > '1st Boot Device' , Select 'Removable Device'

4. 'F10' Save and Exit

5. After reboot, it will show 'Please select boot device :' window. Then select 'USB : Generic- Multi-Card'

6. Now select 'Install XBMCbuntu'

7. Then, this happened to me... it took about 10 mins to find my network and then it failed to configure my network. It 'Booting system without full network configuration', this will resolve when you reboot it again after unplug 'Ethernet Cable' connected to router and restart 'Router'... then plug back Ethernet cable and switch on Acer Revo.

8. Then Installation Process will start (Select Language > Select Installation Type)

9. 'Select Installation Type' > 'Something else', I used this because I want to manual select where I want to Install XBMC into my selected partition

10. Select which parttition you want to install XBMC and then format it. (Add > Create a new partition), make sure it Logical drive and Ext4 journaling file system

11. Then select partition you want to install XBMC then click install now, it will ask about 'swap' disk. I just ignore it so it will eat up self 25GB volume.

12. Then 'your region' > 'keyboard layout' > 'user' (please select 'Log in automatically'), next you will wait about 20min for installation process.

13. Then NOW you DONE, it will restart and  immediately remove your SDCard / USB Drive. Then it DONE.

Next I will show you how it look like and it default setting of video and sound in next Part.

Part 4 :
Entry :
Video Part 4 :

Part 5 :

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden 11.0) with Video (Part 2 of 5)

Continue from Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Section 2 : Preparation of ACER REVO (this guide install XBMC into Acer Revo HDD as dual boot with Windows 7)

Here is the Video step by step :

Target : I want make 25GB partition from my Windows 7 drive to install XBMC

*As windows 7 has feature to shrink your drive to make new partition but if you have another version of OS you need to find another way or software (like Partition Magic or others)

1. In your Acer Revo, open control panel

2. Click 'Administrative Tools'

3. Click 'Computer Management'

4. Click 'Storage' > 'Disk Management'

5. Right Click your Drive that you want to shrink and then click 'Shrink Volume'

6. Next you put how much MB you need to be free (like mine 25GB = 25,600 MB)

Finish, now you have free volume 25GB to install XBMC, next shutdown your Acer Revo

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Details Guide to Install XBMC in ACER REVO R3610 as Apr 2012 (XBMCLive Eden 11.0) with Video (Part 1 of 5)

XBMC Media Centre as today (April 2012) has release Stable version 11.0 (Eden). What's new or update can be view at XBMC Website :

Here I want to share, step by step how I install new XBMC 11.0 (Eden) Live version into my ACER Revo with video guide elsewhere.

After reading a lots of blogs, webcast, forums since Dec 2011 about Eden. I thought it could be disaster if I install it into my stable XBMCLive now, and I will not get XBMC Standalone like I had right now. It means I need to run XBMC via Ubuntu (boot into Ubuntu first and then run XBMC automatic from there).

Last week I found XBMCFreak Live Version 1 has been release (release 4 Apr 2012) here : . Then here I tried to upgrade my XBMC.

Step by Step Guide (I cannot thank enough forumers and bloggers that discuss about how to install XBMC into their HTPC Ion including this Acer Revo over the internet, because what you will see here is combination of those technique and tricks to success install at first try...) - yes I did it 1st install.

** I install using SDCard 4GB (as Acer Revo had HDSC Card Reader and 4GB is min requirement)

Section 1.) Preparation of Bootable SDCard

* I did this step using my Laptop (as my laptop much faster than htpc)

Here is Video Guide (details and download required software below)

1. Insert SDCard or USB Drive into your computer (USB or Card Reader) and do nothing.

2. Download these 3 files : (HP Format Utility - 2MB), (Unetbootin - 4.5MB)& (WinSCP - 3MB) from here (in my dropbox folder) :

       * Sign Up dropbox here : (Free 2GB + 500MB cloud storage).

and also the most importantly XBMCFreak Live 11.0 : (600MB)

3. Install required software
- Install WinSCP
- Install HP Format Utility Software
- Download Unetbootin (no need to install)

4. Format SDCard / USB Drive into FAT32
- Open HP Format Utility
- Select your card/drive and FAT32
- Start Formating (Do not use 'Quick Format')

5. Input ISO Image into SDCard/USB Drive and make it Bootable
- Open Unetbootin (just double click downloaded Unetbootin-win-549.exe)
- Click/Select 'DiskImage' and then select/locate XBMC ISO image that you downloaded before
- Makesure type is 'USB Drive' (both SDCard or USB Drive used this setting) and click OK.
- Finish, Exit and reject your SDCard/USB Drive

Part 2 : 
Entry :
Video Part 2 :

Part 3 :