Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beware, news from XBMC

Post by XBMC.

There is a growing (and worrying) misconception caused by some websites and people who sell HTPC devices with XBMC pre-installed. These often contain add-ons from we which we would like to clearly distance ourselves, and for which we will not offer support of any kind. We will not call these add-ons by name.
However if it all seems to be good to be true like watching content (movies and tvshows) for free, you should start asking yourself if this can still be considered legal. In some countries it can be considered clearly illegal.
It a regretful development that in our eyes, the most awesome media centre there is, is clouded by such a development. These few people are giving and spreading a misconception of what XBMC is and stands for, and are giving it a bad name. We would like to remind everyone that XBMC should be seen as a media centre platform for which you must provide your own media obtained through a legally obtained manor, PVR or by using add-ons which do not clearly violate copyright laws. Hopefully we can break this tide and restore and improve our good name that we worked so hard for. As always the only and official news and XBMC versions can be found at fromhttp://xbmc.org/about/ Please help us and spread the word of the true purpose of XBMC. Thank you.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

IPTV streaming next on XBMC with UPC Ireland 200Mb/s Speed as promised

Upgrade UPC Bundle, broadband from 50Mb/s to 200Mb/s. Here the result...

At first, it a little bit tricky as most of the host in Ireland cannot support UPC 200Mb/s speed on speetest.net. The tried to change the host to UK London (namesco) to get maximum speed.

My setting :
  •  Router - UPC Horizon (Samsung SMT-G7400)
  • Wired Ethernet - Cat5e Cable
  • Computer - Acer Revo (Gigabit Ethernet)

11/02/2014 (still on 50Mb/s)

06/03/2014 (Host in Ireland - Limerick/Galway/Dublin)

Limerick - Fast Wireless Internet

Galway - Airwire

Dubin - Vodafone IE

06/03/2014 (Host London - Namesco)

Happy with it... thanks UPC

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Install XBMC Frodo 12.3 on Windows 7 and XBMC boot on startup Step by Step with video (HD) on Acer Revo

Step by step installation of XBMC Stable Version 12.3 (Frodo) on Acer Revo (Windows 7 Professional Platform) with XBMC Auto boot on start up.

Here step by step installation video HD (http://youtu.be/4fzFZwR6rs8)

Here is my media center setup :

1. ACER Inspire REVO R3610 as media player (XBMC)
2. DLink DNS-320L as Media Server Library (Twonky Server & DLink ShareCenter)
3. Samsung All In One Setup Box SMT-G7400 UPC Horizon as TV Receiver, modem, router and additional media player.
4. Sony DAV-Z260 5.1 Home Theatre System
5. Hitachi 42" LCD HD TV


1. Download XBMC 12.3 Installation files from xbmc.org (http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/win32/xbmc-12.3.exe) or (https://www.dropbox.com/s/3000foklzglbc0f/xbmc-12.3.exe)

2. Makesure all Video/Audio, VobSub and Bonjour (Apple AirPlay) Codedc already installed on Windows 7.

2nd Step : XBMC Installation

1. Run xbmc-12.3.exe Installation File and follow on screen instruction (simple 3 click instruction)

The XBMC Installation Process

2. Finish the installation, then run XBMC to test that nothing wrong in installation process and XBMC run perfect. Then quit XBMC, don't change any setup yet. If you change it now, then you need to do it again later.

Test Run after Installation

3rd Step : To Set XBMC Auto Boot on Windows 7 Boot

1. Download 2 required file here
  - https://www.dropbox.com/s/pq9kmoffyk9h20x/xbmc.cmd.txt (this file is command file that to run xbmc.vbs after certain condition)
  - https://www.dropbox.com/s/gw1t030z89nul95/xbmc.vbs.txt (this file is another command file that tell windows to run xbmc.exe and run explorer.exe on exit/quit)

2. Please make sure command inside xbmc.cmd.txt as follow

SET SourceDir=%~dp0
PUSHD "%SourceDir%"
start /max wscript.exe xbmc.vbs

and then rename or save as xbmc.cmd  (this command file to tell windows to run xbmc.vbs)

3. Please make sure command inside xbmc.vbs.txt as follow

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Return = WshShell.Run(chr(34) & "C:\Program Files\XBMC\XBMC.exe" & chr(34) & " -p -fs", 3 ,true)

and then rename or save as xbmc.vbs  (this command file to tell windows to run xbmc.exe)

4. Copy both xbmc.cmd and xbmc.vbs into XBMC Folder (C:\Program Files\XBMC\)

XBMC Folder
5. Then specific user to run xbmc.cmd as a shell

  • Open the start menu, and type in the search box: mmc <ENTER>.
  • Right click on mmc.exe, then 'Run As Administrator'
  • Choose File -> Add/Remove Snap-in...
  • Select Group Policy Object Editor and hit Add.
  • In the wizard that pops up, click Browse..., go to tab Users, select your user account (the one that you set up to log on windows automatically) and hit OK.
  • Make sure that the checkbox "Allow the focus of the Group Policy......" is Unchecked, and hit Finish.
  • Hit OK in the Add/Remove Snap-ins window.
  • In the User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System folder, open Custom User Interface.
  • Select Enabled and enter the full path  (including xbmc.cmd) in the Interface file name textbox.
  • Click OK and then reboot your system. It should now log in and start XBMC automatically on boot

Set XBMC to auto boot on start

and now Acer Revo will boot directly into XBMC and run explorer.exe if quit XBMC.

I will put xbmc setting video/audio and library on my next entry.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Compilation of all 5 parts HD Video Guide To Install XBMCLive Eden 11.0 into Acer Revo R3610 as standalone Media Centre

Here list of all 5 parts HD Video detailing about Installation XBMCLive Version 11.0 Eden into Acer Inspire REVO R3610 and setup as standalone Media Centre

Why Acer Revo ?
 - Back in 2009, when this type of small low power running PC with Intel Atom/ Ion Nvidia Platform or just wellknown as 'Nettop' kind of boom in the market. Got this Acer REVO hook up into my TV just to watch downloaded movies or viewing youtube. And it cost about $200 with Linux OS. With this slim factor Intel Atom processor, this machine a way behind to become full multitasking PC. So I decide to put end of it permanently behind my TV.

Why XBMCLive ?
 - Without need to load into full running OS before loading XBMC, this slim version embeded Linux with XBMC is the fastest way to watch any Movies/TV Channel. Yes it fast boot, just only 10~20 seconds depends on how big is your data in USB.

Why Eden 11.0?
 - So far, this stable version and don't have any problem during installation or during running Media Centre. Unlike Dharma 10.0 or even Frodo 12.0, both vesion I've tried but there always something wrong with it. Just my opinion at the moment XBMC Eden 11.0 is the best candidate for Acer Revo hardware environment.
   "Just fyi, right now (Feb 2014), I'm waiting to try Frodo 12.3 XBMCLive / XBMCbuntu. They have 12.2 and don't like it coz cannot find suitable graphics drivers when you connect Acer REVO to your HDTV via VGA, it max resolution stuck at 640x480"

Part 1 : http://acer-revo-and-xbmc-media-center.blogspot.com/2014/02/Install-xbmclive-eden-acer-revo-part1.html

Part 2 : http://acer-revo-and-xbmc-media-center.blogspot.com/2014/02/Install-xbmclive-eden-acer-revo-part2.html

Part 3 : http://acer-revo-and-xbmc-media-center.blogspot.com/2014/02/Install-xbmclive-eden-acer-revo-part3.html

 Part 4 : http://acer-revo-and-xbmc-media-center.blogspot.com/2014/02/Install-xbmclive-eden-acer-revo-part4.html

 Part 5 : http://acer-revo-and-xbmc-media-center.blogspot.com/2014/02/Install-xbmclive-eden-acer-revo-part5.html

Here are the require software :

1. HP Format Utility Tools : http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=197

2. Unetbootin : http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/

3. WinSCP : http://winscp.net/eng/index.php

4. XBMCFreak 11.0 Eden ISO File : http://bit.ly/HxDSTh

Thursday, 20 February 2014

ACER REVO R3610 (Dual-core ATOM N330 with 3GB RAM and 250GB HDD)

My home entertainment setup only simple HTPC hooked up with 32" LCD TV, as :

1. ACER REVO R3610 (Dual-core ATOM N330 with 3GB RAM and 250GB HDD)

DSC_0298  DSC04777  DSC04783  DSC05258

2. 32" Hitachi LCD TV (720p HD)


3. SONY DAV-DZ260 (5.1 DVD Home Theater System)

DSC_3483  DSC_3399  DSC_3487

4. 1TB External HDD (Seagate SATA 7200RPM)


5. DLink DIR-825 Quad-Band Gigabit Router

DSC_0189  DSC03072  DSC03100  DSC_5517

Picture 1 : Complete Set Up

Picture 2 : Closed up Acer Revo, Dlink Router, External HDD and Sony HT System

Picture 3 : XBMCLive Home Screen


In 2010, I installed XBMCLive 10.1 Dharma (Standalone) into my Acer Revo running as dual boot with Windows 7 Ultimate. That version of XBMCLive ( running perfectly with about 100+ songs, 100+ movies and tv shows in my external HDD, and over 50+ internet streaming channels.

My Acer Revo setting, I spare 25GB for XBMCLive. Installed it from SDCard 4GB, it dual boot with Windows7. Then when it start, it automatic boot into XBMC with 10seconds. I can start watching movie after about 20sec cool boot.

Video : Start Up and view of XBMCFreak Live 11.0 Eden (Ubuntu with Linux 3.0.0-17)

For Installation Guide Step by Step with Video Guide, please view this entry :

Part 1 : http://desaputra.blogspot.com/2012/04/details-guide-to-install-xbmc-in-acer.html
or Video Guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFJMpUnTfI4

Part 2 : http://desaputra.blogspot.com/2012/04/details-guide-to-install-xbmc-in-acer_15.html
or Video Guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbGk60mCeew

Part 3 : http://desaputra.blogspot.com/2012/04/details-guide-to-install-xbmc-in-acer_9851.html
or Video Guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81VxTA1hc4w

 Part 4 : http://desaputra.blogspot.com/2012/04/details-guide-to-install-xbmc-in-acer_8238.html
or Video Guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AFXT9OAbSU

Part 5 : http://desaputra.blogspot.com/2012/04/details-guide-to-install-xbmc-in-acer_8543.html
or Video Guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hDN2C56qY

XBMCLive Eden 11.0 on Acer Revo R3610 Fast Boot Up (Start Up & Shutdown) [HD Video]

XBMCLive Eden 11.0 on Acer Revo R3610 (Fast Boot - Standalone XBMC)....

My Media Centre Hook up to 32" LCD Hitachi TV

Start Up Time : 19.2 seconds... 
Shutdown Time : 10.4 seconds...

System :

ACER Aspire REVO R3610
Processor : Intel Atom N330 (Dual Core) 1.6GHz
RAM : 3GB (PC5300)
Graphic : nVidia ION
HDD : 250GB 5400RPM (25GB Partition XBMC / 200GB Windows7)
Network : Gigabit Ethernet (D-Link Quadband DIR-825 Router)
Video Out : HDMI (32" LCD Hitachi TV)
Audio Out : Digital Optical (Sony Home Theater DAV-DZ260)

Video :

Set Up Share Folder in XBMCLive 11.0 as NAS (can access from any others computer) [HD Video]

Another great feature in XBMCLive.

My Setup :
- Acer Revo R3610 (dual boot with Windows 7) - HDD 250GB (partiton 25GB for XBMCLive)
- 1TB External Hard Drive (USB)

others computer in my network :
- Sony Vaio SZ4 (Windows 7)
- iMac (OSX 10.5 Leopard + Parallel uBuntu 11 & Windows XP Pro)
- HP Pavillion D430 (Windows XP Pro)

Target :
 I want to access my 1TB External HDD any time from any computer in my network.

So basically I want to make my Acer Revo to be as Network Access Storage (NAS) elsewhere media centre that hook up with 32" LCD TV without need to boot into Windows 7 or other OS.

1. Take note location of the folder you want to share. My external HDD connect into Acer Revo via USB, and I want share that HDD. So check into 'File Manager', my External HDD locate at '/media/Seagate'



2. On XMBC Home Screen : Ctrl+Alt+F1 (enter login & password)

3. Install Samba (as XBMCLive 11.0, Samba already build in)

Picture 1

3. Edit smb.conf (/etc/samba/smb.conf), I use 'sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf'

smb.conf :

Picture 2

I didn't touch anything under '[global]' except workgroup = 'my network group' (default : WORKGROUP).

Picture 3

Last line add this :

path = /media/Seagate
comment = Seagate 1TB
public = yes
inherit permission = yes
only guest = yes
guest ok = yes
read only = no

Picture 4

then Ctrl-X > Y

4. To make sure you can access/modify/edit your share folder, set that folder permission to '777'

 'sudo chmod 777 /media/Seagate'

Picture 5

Important :
check spelling...

Picture 6

5. Then reboot...

Here I manage to access my share folder 'Seagate' from :

- iMac



- Sony Vaio